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Priomat® 1K Wash Primer 4085
Permacron® 1:1 Elastic Primer Surfacer 3300
Permacron® 1K Elastic Primer 3410
Priomat® Wash Primer 4075
Priomat® 1K Wash Primer 4085 Aerosol
Priomat® 1K Wash Primer 4085
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Permasolid® HS Express Surfacer 5250
Permasolid® HS Premium Surfacer 5310
Permasolid® HS Wet-on-Wet Surfacer 5330
Permahyd® Stone Chip Protector 7101
Priomat® Primer 7119
Permasolid® HS Vario Surfacer 8590

Priomat® 1K Wash Primer 4085
One component primer

Priomat® 1K Etch Primer 4085 grey is a zinc chromate-free, one-pack product from our PVB system. It is recommended for use on bare steel, galvanised steel and soft aluminium. It is particularly suitable for spot repairs, and can be used to prime small areas of bare metal which have been sanded through, before Permahyd® Base Coat Series 280/285 is applied.
Suitable substrates:

  • Steel
  • Electroplated/roller galvanised steel panels or soft aluminium, cleaned and sanded
  • Lightly sanded factory primer
  • Well sanded old or original finish (except thermoplastic finish)
  • Surfaces treated with Raderal® 2K polyester products and then finely sanded

Important Note: In view of the multitude of alloys and methods of production used for metals, an initial test application should always be made on the planned substrate to ensure that the pre-treatment is going to provide perfect adhesion.


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